Then and Now – ’80s Actress Edition

Here are some actresses who were part of some cult films in the 1980s. Let’s see what 30 years has done to the stars…

Sean Young

Film still used: Blade Runner


Bonnie Bedelia

Film still used: Die Hard


Jennifer Grey

Film Still used: Dirty Dancing


Kelly LeBrock

Film still used: Weird Science


Rebecca De Mornay

Film still used: Risky Business

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 16.39.16

Elisabeth Shue

Film still used: Cocktail

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 16.33.19

Karen Lynn Gorney

Film still used: Saturday Night Fever

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 16.25.39

Lori Singer

Film still used: Footloose

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 16.26.23

Kelly McGillis

Film still used: Top Gun

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 16.34.44


10 Things Ron Swanson Taught Me


1. Skim milk is water pretending to be milk.

2. Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets

3. Never tell a man he can’t fart in his own car

4. A dog under 50 pounds is a cat.

5. Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.

6. It’s always a good idea to demonstrate to your coworkers that you are capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of pain.

7. Fish, for sport only, not for meat. Fish meat is practically a vegetable

8. Crying: acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon.

9. No home is complete without a proper toolbox.

10. Only women shave beneath the neck.


9 Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix

So here are some must see comedy shows available on Netflix.

How i Met Your Mother


Basically the show’s title is self explanatory  We’re in the year 2030 and Ted is telling his kids about how he meets their mother. The show takes place at the beginning of the story in 2005 and 8 seasons in and we still haven’t met the mother yet!

Don’t let this put you off though, with a killer cast and extremely clever writing this show does stand out from the rest of the sit-coms. Best enjoyed when watched from the very beginning.

The Office (US)


Originally taken from Ricky Gervais’ brilliant show The Office, The Office US is unique, extremely funny and touching. The show is shot in a documentary style and we observe the happenings of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch.

The cast, including the amazing Steve Carrell, really make this show one of the best. With 9 amazing seasons that never dip in entertainment, The Office is as show that you’ll get hooked on. The characters are real, the relationships are realistic and you can’t help but fall in love with the show.

That 70s Show


So you’ll recognise a few faces if you haven’t seen this show before. This is the show that gave Mila Kunis her big break, as well as Ashton Kutcher.

The show’s name pretty much explains it, it’s a show set in the 1970s and it is based around the main character Eric and his friends. We follow them through their teenage years and how they deal with all of the issues and obstacles of life.

The style is very quirky and the show is an absolute classic.

Arrested Development

k-bigpicLevel-headed son Michael Bluth takes over family affairs after his father is imprisoned. But the rest of his spoiled, dysfunctional family are making his job unbearable.

The show’s style makes it stand out due to its narration and flash back sequences.

This show has another amazing cast but I must say to stick to season 1-3. Season 4 really isn’t that great.

Parks and Recreation


The absurd antics of an Indiana town’s public officials as they pursue sundry projects to make their city a better place.

Shot in a similar style to The Office, Parks and Recreation is another hilarious mockumentary style sit-com. The best thing about this programmes is it’s character’s. They’re hilarious and real, which means you end up really emotionally investing in them. Amazing.



In the unreal world of Sacred Heart Hospital, intern John “J.D” Dorian learns the ways of medicine, friendship and life.

What’s so great about Scrubs is how it changes from making you laugh to making you cry. It takes some clever people to put a comedic spin on some serious issues to do with health and death.

Although I will say that personally I felt the show lost a lot once the main cast began to leave but don’t let this put you off enjoying this show.

Malcolm In The Middle


A gifted young teen tries to survive with his dimwitted, dysfunctional family.

I think what I loved most about Malcolm In The Middle is that it made my family look like a bunch of saints. There’s nothing more entertaining than watching the most dysfunctional family to ever be on TV. It’s a classic TV Show and if you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a treat.

The Inbetweeners


The exploits of four friends, who are socially only marginally above what one of them calls “the freaks”, are presented as they grow from their late teen years into adults and as they go on their quest, usually unsuccessfully, for such grown up things as beer and sex.

If you aren’t from the UK just know that this show is the most accurate depiction of the ‘in-between’ kids at school. The ones that were too dumb to be geeks and not good enough at sports to be cool. Quite possibly the cleverest show to come out of the UK for a long. Also hilariously funny.

The Vicar Of Dibley


A tongue in cheek poke at the stereotype of small-town or village people. They’re simple, they’re slightly backward in their thinking and they’re hilarious. Enter a female vicar (Dawn French)into this world and cue a lot of amazing comedy.

Most of you should know how amazing Dawn French is but if you don’t, just watch and be amazed. British comedy gold.

Then and Now – Pretty In Pink Edition (1986)

So here’s another John Hughes addition of Then and Now. Pretty In Pink is definitely one of my favourites, so her we go. The now photos are taken from between 2012/2013.

Andie Walsh – Molly Ringwald

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 20.11.57

Duckie – Jon Cryer

(This makes me particularly sad. He was so cool in this film!)

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 20.10.09

Blane – Andrew McCarthy

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 20.10.39

Iona – Annie Potts

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 20.08.56

Steff – James Spader

(We’ve all seen him on The Office and how different he really looks)

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 20.09.40

And probably the most shocking, just because he looks so old!

Jack Walsh – Harry Dean Stanton

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 20.11.25

He’s a rambunctious sort ain’t he? – 14 of the best Tarantino characters

You have to admit that the characters within the Tarantino films are complex, interesting and usually played by Samuel L. Jackson. So here is a list of the 14 best characters (in my opinion), who do you like?

14. Bridgette Von Hammersack Inglorious Basterds (2009)


“I know this is a silly question before I ask it, but can you Americans speak any other language besides English?”

13. Django Django Unchained (2012)


“Kill white people and get paid for it? What’s not to like?”

12. Mr.Pink Reservoir Dogs (1992)


“Fuck you, White! I didn’t create the situation, I’m just dealin’ with it! You’re acting like a first year fucking theif – I’m acting like a professional! If they get him, they can get you. They get you, they get closer to me, and that can’t happen! And you, motherfucker, are lookin’ at me like it’s MY fault. I didn’t tell him my name. I didn’t tell him where I was from. I didn’t tell him what I knew better than NOT to tell him! Fuck, fifteen minutes ago you almost told me your name! You, buddy, are stuck in a situation YOU created. So, if you wanna throw bad looks somewhere, throw ’em at a mirror!”

11. Calvin Candie Django Unchained (2012)


“Gentlemen, you had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.”

10. Jackie Brown Jackie Brown (1997)


“Shut your raggedy-ass up, and sit the fuck down!”

9. Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction (1994)


“That’s when you know you’ve found somebody special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence.”

8. Butch Coolidge Pulp Fiction (1994)


“Shit! Of all the fucking things she could forget, she forgets my father’s watch!”

7. Mr. Blonde Reservoir Dogs (1992)


“Eddie, you keep talking like a bitch, I’m gonna slap you like a bitch.”

6. Vincent Vega Pulp Fiction (1994)


“That’s a pretty fucking good milkshake. I don’t know if it’s worth five dollars but it’s pretty fucking good.”

5. Lt. Aldo Raine Inglorious Basterds (2009)


“You probably heard we ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ business; we in the killin’ Nazi business. And cousin, business is a-boomin’.”

4. The Bride Kill Bill v.1&2 (2003)


“It’s mercy, compassion, and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality.”

3. Dr. King Shultz Django: Unchained (2012)


“Mister Candie, normally I would say “Auf wiedersehen,” but since what “auf wiedersehen” actually means is “’till I see you again”, and since I never wish to see you again, to you, sir, I say goodbye.”

2. Jules Winnifed Pulp Fiction (1994)


“Say ‘what’ again. Say ‘what’ again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say what one more Goddamn time!”

1. Hans Landa Inglorious Basterds (2009)

 photo tumblr_mo2u5wR8iR1s6lf9io1_500_zpsf2bf9e35.gif

“Oooh, that’s a bingo! Is that the way you say it? “That’s a bingo?””

Now and Then – The Great Gatsby Cast

So to shake things up I thought I’d do a ‘when they were young’ kinda post. So let’s take a look at the main cast of The Great Gatsby and what they looked like when they were young!

(So getting a lot of the cast members pictures when they were younger was so difficult! So I just did the main ones )

Jay Gatsby

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 22.14.55

Daisy Buchanan

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 22.17.28

Nick Carraway

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 22.22.18

Tom Buchanan

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 22.50.25

Myrtle Wilson

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 22.19.47

Also, some of you will know that Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio have known each other since they were young and are really good friends so enjoy this Now and Then.

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 22.24.14

Certainly grew up rather well.

6 Documentaries You Should Watch On Netflix [UK SITE]

I don’t know about you but when I’m trying to find something to watch on Netflix, it’s really hard to figure out EXACTLY what I’ll enjoy. I found this particularly difficult with the documentaries. So, I’m here to the rescue! Here is a list of documentary recommendations for you, Netflix account holders. (Or you should watch them anyway)



So this documentary basically explores the dangers and realities of online relationships. I’m still not sure if this was staged or not but either way it’s definitely worth a watch. It’s extremely interesting and will probably make you think twice about trusting people you meet online. (also check out the Catfish TV Show on MTV, they’re making Season 2 right now)


Exit Through The Gift Shop


The documentary about Banksy, that’s not really about Banksy. This doc explores the power of street art and how one French man and his camera came to make A LOT of money from cheating the street art system. Extremely interesting and as an added bonus, it’s narrated by Rhys Ifans. It’s also very, very funny.


The King Of Kong


A documentary that follows one man’s dream to hold the the high-score for Donkey Kong and how far the defending champion will go to keep his title. All I can say is, damn those gamers get vicious. You see how much gaming really means to some people, well, mainly men and how far they will go to hold a high-score. It’s really interesting and, to be honest, quite funny even though it’s not meant to be. I don’t think.


Indie Game: The Movie


An insight into how much effort really goes into making a successful video game. After watching this I had a new found respect for Independent game makers and how much they really invest into their games. Their whole lives are about their games and you can’t help but pity them, as well as respect them. Interesting, emotional and fun.


Bowling For Columbine


If you have ever watched a Michael Moore documentary you’ll know what to expect. It’s gritty, hard-hitting and extremely anti-President Bush. This documentary explores the tragic massacre that happened at Columbine and how this could be a result of America’s predilection for gun violence. This documentary is interesting, upsetting and shocking.


Super Size Me


If you haven’t watched this documentary, you really need to. It’s extremely shocking to watch what happens when someone eats McDonalds for every meal, over the course of a month. You will not believe how much this could affect your body and it’s not just a weight-gain issue. This documentary is thought-provoking and will make you think twice about what you’re putting into your body for the sake of convenience.