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Elementary, my dear Watson! – Why Ian McKellen’s Sherlock might be the best yet!

Ok, so like a lot of people I’m a big fan of Sherlock Holmes! What’s not to love? He’s unpredictable, unorthodox and who doesn’t fall in love with his stand-offish demeanor? Swooooon. What we get with Sherlock is about as close to a realistic superhero as we’re going to get. Well in a universe without mutant powers, extreme technology and aliens (before you comic geeks start throwing jibes my way). His mind works in ways that the average person’s doesn’t and he doesn’t have any of the poxy feelings dragging him down either (well, not really anyway). So how exciting is the next few years going to be for us Sherlock fans? Pretty damn exciting! and here is why…

We’ve had 2 amazing depictions of Sherlock in recent years, with Robert Downey Jr sporting the pipe and hat in Sherlock Holmes (2009) and again in 2011 with the it’s not that bad follow up Game of Shadows

Sherlock1 sherlock2

(Side note: Is Jude Law’s pout so big it should get it’s own fan fiction?)


Not only does Downey Jr give us a sassy, sexy Sherlock but one that is a bit more connected to his emotions. Only a bit though. And now he’s rumored to be in line for yet ANOTHER Sherlock film. With no release date announced this is still pretty much internet hype but hype we will.

Then, of course, we’ve got the answer all TV lovers and Cumberbatch enthusiasts prayers with the BBC’s 3 seasons of Sherlock (watch it on Netflix, you won’t be sorry!)



And both Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have apparently finished up shooting on the 4th season airing on Christmas Day 2015! Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is even more egotistical and sassy and set in modern-day London it feels as though this character is actually locked up in Baker Street at the moment. A girl can dream.

With these two equally satisfying Sherlocks you’d think we wouldn’t need another one right? Well, who knew that Ian McKellen would throw into question everything I’ve known about Sherlock up until now!



That’s right people, it’s really happening. Ian McKellen is playing Sherlock Holmes and oh my god doesn’t it look great?! I didn’t even know until the teaser for Mr.Holmes was released earlier today (watch it here) that I even needed another portrayal of the detective but my gosh…I’m ready to have my mind blown once again! Not only is it one of my favorite actors playing one of my favorite characters (commence girly screaming) BUT it’s a look into how Sherlock would cope with losing his ‘super power’, his mind (commence even louder girly screaming).

For Sherlock fans everywhere, the next couple of years might just be enough to make our lives! Excitement level is reaching dangerous levels!






No Fault In Sight – The Fault In Our Stars Review [CONTAINS SPOILERS]

Working at a Movie Theatre has its advantages, one being that we often know exactly what to expect from a film. When the movie distributors sent through packs of tissues to hand out during the opening screenings, I knew this one would be a cryer. What I didn’t expect, having not read the book, was how refreshingly blunt this film is. It punches you in the face with it’s sadness, it doesn’t sugarcoat it and it’s real. (Well, as real as Hollywood’s ever gonna get)


All you need to know about The Fault In Our Stars is that it’s so powerfully truthful about life and death, prepare to come out contemplating your life.


Okay? Okay.

A true test of how much the human brain can handle – FILTH Review [contains SPOILERS]

Well, with a name like Filth and the infamous Irvine Welsh attached you’d expect it to live up to expectations right? What I wasn’t expecting was a truly disgusting, brilliant, awful, beautiful and surreal ride. I’m not sure if everyone will be able to stomach what Filth has to offer but fucking hell is it good.

The whole film is a huge metaphor and by metaphor I mean it punches you in the face with its message. A true feat in the surreal and so stylish it manipulates your emotions. One minute the scene is filled with sexual tension and the next it is filled with such sorrow you feel your chest become heavy and tight. In particular the scene in which James McAvoy is masturbating on the phone, whilst crying and watching his wife and child on his television. It’s literally the most emotionally exhausting film and yet afterwards I couldn’t help but feel relief and satisfaction.


James McAvoy is an absolute marvel of a guy. This man becomes a character that is so unbelievably despicable and cruel BUT still has you feeling for him. You really will this monster to become better and all he does is fall down further. With the blink of his eyes McAvoy turns from sorrow into pure hatred, he turns from sane to insane and fucking hell does he do it beautifully.

Of course to look at the surface Filth is a comment on the way our country is run, the people we ensure our safety with are the most crooked and unforgiving bunch. It’s a journey of one man’s spiral down into depression and despair but above all its peeling back the layers and exposing the filth beneath people. It shows exactly how these people become monsters and yet they aren’t looking to be forgiven, just left to their own devices.


Verdict: Filth, beneath the gore, sex and drugs, is a unforgivingly honest look into the depths of depression and addiction. It shows exactly what pain and grief can turn a person into. It will definitely be too hard for some of you to watch, so just enjoy as much as you can.

Then and Now – ’80s Actress Edition

Here are some actresses who were part of some cult films in the 1980s. Let’s see what 30 years has done to the stars…

Sean Young

Film still used: Blade Runner


Bonnie Bedelia

Film still used: Die Hard


Jennifer Grey

Film Still used: Dirty Dancing


Kelly LeBrock

Film still used: Weird Science


Rebecca De Mornay

Film still used: Risky Business

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 16.39.16

Elisabeth Shue

Film still used: Cocktail

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 16.33.19

Karen Lynn Gorney

Film still used: Saturday Night Fever

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 16.25.39

Lori Singer

Film still used: Footloose

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 16.26.23

Kelly McGillis

Film still used: Top Gun

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 16.34.44