Just when I had given up on the Horror Genre, I took a Visit. – The Visit Review [NO SPOILERS]


My best and worst enemy is myself when watching horror, I always try to be the one to predict what’s going to happen and I’m usually right and rightly dissapointed. (This might be that my Film Degree has left me with the voice in my head over analysing every frame, use of colour, dialogue that could hint at anything…yawn I know but it’s both a gift and curse)

Horror, in the movies at least, for me has been lacking that old school really scare you and freak you out kinda vibe. I get myself worked up and I’m like all ready to love the film and then when the ‘horror’ is revealed it almost becomes a comedy *cough* Insidious *cough*. (I’m sorry but if you didn’t find that film hilarious, there’s something wrong with you).

Anyway, so when I saw the trailer for The Visit I was like…ok this looks like it could creep me out. They aren’t relying on the very over used ‘ghost girl’ thing or any kind of ‘haunted house’ thing LET’S WATCH THIS.


For me The Visit, from the get go, was pretty good. I liked the muted colours, the framing, the script was well written which became apparent at the end, the little clues (or what I thought were clues) and it was building some sort of weird tensions that, until the end, I though twas a bit mediocre and predictable… BOY WAS I WRONG.

It genuinely had my face all gasping and, especially the end twenty minutes, where truly unpredictable and quite frankly disturbing and disgusting.

I’m not saying it’s the best Horror film ever, but I couldn’t see what was going to happen and then even when it did it got so fucked up that I was left a bit speechless. This film plays on you predicting it, it leads you in all kinds of directions that you don’t even come close to the truth…at least not until it’s too late. Plus it’s creepy as hell anyway.


Go watch, go watch it now…and don’t get in the oven.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 07.17.53


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