The Wolverine Film You’ve Been Waiting For – The Wolverine Review


Now, like most people I was extremely excited when they decided to bring Wolverine away from the other X-Men and give him his own series of films. Wolverine is an amazing and interesting character, so naturally we all want to know how he got to be this way. Unfortunately, like most people, the origin film left me feeling nothing more than boredom. What had they done to my favourite X-men and why didn’t I care anymore?

Lucky for us all The Wolverine film is what we all wanted! We get to see a down and out Logan, who (as you’ve seen from the trailer) has lost his ability to heal. This of course makes the film far more interesting and tension filled. With a narrative taking place in Japan, the film looks beautiful and also gives us a lot of lessons in Japanese culture. Not bad huh?

My only criticism is of the villain and fellow mutant The Viper. What film did she think she was in? All around her were people portraying some lovely natural acting and there she was like a pantomime baddy, OTT with everything. She didn’t really seem to strike the right chord with me and frankly I could have done without her being in it.

I will also say to stay for the extra scene at the end of the first credits, it’s worth it!!

Verdict: A beautiful film, naturally acted, funny and everything we always wanted out of a Wolverine film.




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